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InformPolice is a web base system and easy to implement – you can utilize your existing equipments. Whether your agency use laptops, computer tablets, or smart phones, officers and emergency personnel can see photos and notes real-time, on secure InformPolice website.


For the first responders on their way to the scene, these photos can be a tremendous advantage. Pictures from the scene can show what lies ahead so responders can better make critical decisions.

Ultimately, “a picture says a thousand words”.

Very Simple

No special equipment needed -- use any browser!

There is no need to check email, InformPolice will automatically check for new email posts every 5 minutes.

Low Cost

The InformPolice service is affordable for even the smallest college or community; InformPolice pricing is based on the size of the population served and/or number of law enforcement officials.

Better Citizen Participation

Anonymity is of great importance in reporting crimes. People will take greater action in reporting troubles if they know the report can't be traced back to them.

Universal Domain Name

InformPolice is a simple, consistent email that will be easy for the public to remember and use from community to community.

Easy management

Unused photos are automatically deleted after 30 minutes.


Of course, you can always save it to your server.



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