InformPolice is a new type of reporting service for the public to report anonymously to police, security, and emergency responders. This new option upgrades the traditional phone call for the digital, device-carrying world.


Cameras are common today on mobile phones, making it easy to snap a photo anytime, anywhere. Now, InformPolice allows smart phones to be used for reporting suspicious objects or activities by snapping a photo and emailing it anonymously.


InformPolice is easy to implement, since police, security agencies, and first responders can utilize their existing equipment. Whether they use laptops, computer tablets, or smart phones, officers and emergency personnel can see photos and notes real-time, on secure InformPolice web sites.


For the first responders on their way to the scene, these pictures can be a tremendous advantage. Pictures from the scene can show what lies ahead so responders can better make critical decisions. Ultimately, “a picture says a thousand words”.